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Information for gamescom exhibitors

As the official youth protection partner of Koelnmesse GmbH, the Entertainment Software Self-Regulation Body (USK) has been comprehensively commissioned to oversee youth protection at gamescom. This includes the age rating of all content on all platforms, including mobile apps, trailers and game-based stage programs. In addition, the USK is the first point of contact for all gamescom exhibitors when it comes to the topic of youth protection, whether in the run-up to or during the trade fair itself.

As an exhibitor, you are fully responsible for ensuring that your booth and presentations comply with the requirements of the German Youth Protection Act (JuSchG). Compliance will be monitored by the regulatory authorities on all days of the fair. To ensure consistent and uniform implementation, Koelnmesse has joined forces with the USK to draw up the regulations described below. These are relevant for gamescom exhibitors in the entertainment area. At the entrance, the organizer (Koelnmesse) will provide visitors with non-removable wristbands matching the colors of the USK 12 / 16 / 18 stickers. This will assist booth personnel with age checks. Parental privilege does not apply on the fairgrounds.

  • These rules only apply to the B2C area, B2B has no restrictions.
  • All open booths must show and display the correct USK labels.
  • Regulatory authorities can close booths if they do not display USK Ratings!
  • IARC/storefront labels only apply within online storefronts and not at trade fairs!
  • Content with USK 0 / 6 / 12 may be presented publicly.
  • Content with USK 16 / 18 may only be shown to that age group only. Content with no USK rating must be treated like it is rated USK 18.
    • For content rated USK 16/18 or unrated, please use separate rooms, privacy screens and access controls. You can also turn away monitors from the public crowd, but make sure that the view is blocked from behind / the sides.
    • Entrances to unrated content need to be stickered with a generic 18+ / adults-only artwork, do not use official USK 18 label
  • Deadline is 6.8.2024 3.00 p.m.
  • More details about the rating procedure and the application form here .
  • You can find the fee schedule here .
  • First-time submitters must expect to pay in advance before the rating process starts, please account for the time it takes for your bank to transfer the fee and use the fastest transfer method.
  • Games that are already rated by the USK can be presented fully or partially (as a demo) with that rating.
  • Each game station must be clearly marked with the correct USK sticker, either individually or as a row (either min. 3.5*3.5 cm individually or min. 20*20cm for a row/segment)
  • The USK clearly recommends large stickers that are integrated into the artwork or on the stand walls so that they are visible from afar for parents and authorities.
  • The USK does not provide stickers, exhibitors must print them themselves or purchase them from third-party suppliers.
  • Multiple trailers running in endless loops at one location can be submitted as one trailer reel with one application only.
  • Trailers without game scenes (for example company/image movies, hardware presentation without gameplay) do not need to be rated for the trade fair.
  • Streamers and booths with game-oriented live programs please send a 15-minute "fake presentation" in advance, which then serves as the basis for the rating.
  • will receive a USK rating (usually USK 12) for the entire booth with one application. Please follow these rules:
    • Indie arenas, schools/universities with multiple games, coop booths and country pavilions
    • Only one contact person provides all content of the booth!
    • Send one application with the pavilion name.
    • Transparent online xls table with game titles, participating companies, desired USK rating, links to the game builds & footage (min. 10 minutes per game)
    • For an additional fee, your content can be further split between multiple ratings, e.g., if you want to have a USK 6 and a USK 12 section at your booth.

The responsible authority will monitor compliance with the Youth Protection Act strictly on site and initiate appropriate legal measures in the event of violations. In the event of violations, there is the threat of fines in substantial scale, in addition to the closure of the booth. To prevent this, the USK is available to provide advice and assistance on any questions, problems and uncertainties relating to the protection of minors.

For all questions concerning the protection of minors, including stand construction, advertising, gimmicks, shows, merchandise and cooperations, please contact us at

Marek Brunner
Torstraße 6
10119 Berlin
+49 (0)172-3069633


USK 0/6/12 games presented openly, small USK stickers displayed on every unit or big USK stickers for a row

USK 16/18/not rated games are not to be presented openly, but behind closed doors or monitors turned away

Marek Brunner
Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle (USK)
Torstraße 6 | 10119 Berlin - Germany
Mobile: +49-1723069633


For all questions regarding ticketing, reservations and other topics regarding the trade fair itself, please