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gamescom 2023: Accreditation for creators

gamescom content creator

From 22 to 27 August 2023, gamescom will finally be back in Cologne! Five days of pure gaming action and community vibes for you and your fans.

First things first: Whether you're a first-time streamer or a newbie with big ambitions - you're all welcome. We want to pick you up at the point where you are in your creator career and accompany you to take the next step - whatever that looks like for you right now.

So that we can get to know you better and make you the offer that suits you, this year for the first time you have the opportunity to submit your application for the On-site Creator Ticket via the accreditation form, but also to gain access to our other initiatives at the same time.

We will accredit one accompanying person per creator - you can choose whether this is your management or technical support (please specify "technical support" for both roles in the accreditation form).

Attention: The accreditation of the Talent Manager/Technical support may only take place after the accreditation of the corresponding Creator has been confirmed.

You will find the accreditation for gamescom 2023 in good time before the event right here.

What do we look for?

Before you apply for accreditation, you can go through the points we check during the accreditation process:

Questions about yourself:

  • Are you already 16 years old? Unfortunately, for reasons of youth protection, we can only admit creators over the age of 16.
  • Can you identify yourself as the operator of your channels?
  • Or are you a permanent member of a content creator's support team (in the form "technical employee") and involved in the creation of content?
  • Are you affiliated with a network?

Questions about relevant channels:

  • Channel names, URLs, language
  • How many followers/subscribers do the channels have?
  • Are the relevant channels regularly fed with content of value?
  • Was the last post no longer than a month ago?
  • Does the messaging of the channels hit the heart of the gamescom universe: gaming, eSports and related pop culture phenomena such as cosplay, comic/manga/anime or table top games?
  • Are channel staff already accredited? We reserve the right to limit the number of people admitted per channel.

And of course:
We. Do. Not. Accept. Trolls.
Inappropriate content and bullying will not be tolerated by us.

What is the accreditation process for networks and agencies?

For data protection reasons, each creator must accredit themselves individually. Your agency or network can fill out the form, but we do not process collective requests.

As a network, you can still help us if you send us a short list by e-mail with the names of the creators and the channels you want to accredit. This makes it easier for us to check but is not to be understood as a commitment.

Co-streaming guidelines

You can also co-stream our shows on Twitch or YouTube without an accreditation. Listed below is what has to be observed.

Co-Streaming guidelines

General information

  • Please note that because of the numerous enquiries and checks, delays may occur in sending out codes. We shall endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible.
  • Owing to the large number enquiries it is not possible to deal with individual queries.
  • Everyone must apply for accreditation individually via our online tool; collective enquiries cannot be taken into account.