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gamescom 2022 – Steam Event FAQ

What is the gamescom Steam Event?

The gamescom Steam Event is basically a Steam event page which will be online from August 23th to August 28th. There, gamescom will put focus on you and your games.

What do I have to do to be featured on the gamescom event page?

Become an exhibitor/partner of gamescom 2022.Then theory: Nothing more than to be on Steam and send us the info we ask for.

Which info would that be?

Your company name, the name of your game(s) and, if you have, a link to a demo and your Steam partner page.

Can I send you all the games that I have in my portfolio?

No. Only games that you are showing at gamescom 2022 are eligible for our Steam Event.

So, you will feature my game(s) on the gamescom event page?

Yes, if you provide us with the Steam AppID or a link to your Steam product page.

What if I don’t send you any Steam AppID or Steam product page link?

Then we can’t feature your specific product during our event.

What if I don’t have a Steam AppID yet or if the game is not online yet?

That’s no problem at all! Just send us the Steam AppID anyways or as soon as you got it. We will add it to our backend and it will be featured on our event page as soon as you send it live.

Would it help to have my products on sale during this event?


Would it also help to have a playable demo of my game(s) live on Steam?


But won’t two sale events interfere with each other?

No, cause technically we don’t offer a sale. We are offering visibility for your games, links and traffic for your Steam product and company pages.

Can you set up a Steam sale or event for me?

No. You have to manage your Steam product page by yourself.

I have questions on how to do this. Can I contact you for help?

Please have a look at the Steamworks help section or get directly in contact with Steam.

We are only able to manage our own gamescom event page. Every other page, product page, event page etc. has to be managed by you or the product/page owner.

Is there a deadline for submissions?

Yes, please submit all relevant Steam AppIDs by August 15. Games submitted after that date cannot be included in the event.

So, the gamescom Steam event page is managed independently from gamescom now?


This means I do not need to ask you questions regarding gamescom now, deadlines and pricing?

You’re right again! Therefore, please contact your personal gamescom manager.

Has the gamescom Steam Event anything to do with the Indie Arena Booth gamescom event?

We are working closely together to provide the best Steam event experience for all of you. If you have specific questions regarding the Indie Arena Booth event, please get in touch with them directly.

Thank you. Now I am feeling really enlightened and don’t have any more questions.

You’re welcome!